May 31, 2024

Version 1.8.8 adds a "Mount and Open" option, fixes issues and incorrect error messages for encrypted volumes.

This update is FREE if you've purchased a license for Jettison.

If you bought Jettison from St. Clair Software, just download version 1.8.67and replace your existing copy, or choose "Check for Update" from Jettison's menu in your menubar.

If you purchased Jettison through the Mac App Store, please download and run this version of Jettison once BEFORE you delete or overwrite the old copy of Jettison in your Applications folder. If Jettison is still telling you your trial period is over, please follow these instructions.

What's new in Jettison 1.8.8

  • Holding down the Command key while mounting a volume using Jettison's menu will also open that volume in the Finder (the "Mount" menu changes to "Mount and Open").
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Jettison to wake the screen back up as the system is going to sleep.
  • Corrected errors that occurred when remounting an encrypted volume that was already unlocked.
  • Fixed failures and incorrect error messages when manually mounting encrypted disks under certain circumstances.
  • More helpful error messages are given when the password for a volume is not in the keychain or Jettison doesn't have permission to access removable volumes.
  • Jettison will no longer force the sound volume to 50% when playing a success or failure sound while sound output is muted.
  • The option to eject external disks at restart and shutdown will also now eject them when the current user logs out.
  • The term "eject" is used consistently in the user interface, rather than using "unmount" in some contexts.

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